Adorable Japanese baby born with abnormally luscious hair becomes latest Pantene hair star


Pantene has found the most adorable model and brand ambassador for their latest shampoo commercial—a cute Japanese baby named Chanco, who quickly gained fame when she was born with a full head of hair!

Credit: YouTube/  PANTENE Japan Official

The internet first obsessed over baby Chanco’s  abnormally voluminous head of hair when her mom opened her an Instagram account when she was just four-months-old last May.

Credit: Instagram/ @babychanco

370,000 Chanco fans check in to see her poofy luscious locks on social media every day.

The internet sensation has so much hair, that people think it’s a wig!

Credit: Instagram/ @babychanco

And now, the one-year-old has been chosen to star in Pantene ads for its #HairWeGo campaign in Japan.

Credit: Instagram/ @pantene_jp_official

She features in the ad alongside Japanese TV presenter Sando Kondo, who is well known for her head of grey hair.

“In some way or other, these two may have taught us the importance of expressing our true selves,” Pantene posted on Instagram.

“In 2019, We hope many more women will take a step forward towards who they want to be.”

The adorable ad tells baby Chanco’s hair story, and how her mom, Mami Kano, loved her unusual hair and ignored comments from others.

Credit: YouTube/  PANTENE Japan Official

“I’m so surprised by the reaction (to the video), but also very proud of the praises from many countries,” Mami said.

“I prefer to keep her hair long. In the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids.”

Watch the adorable ad in the clip below: 


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