Teacher from the Philippines drew 27 student portraits as Christmas presents—hopes to inspire them in studies


An English teacher from the Laguna, Philippines knew what she wanted to give to her students for Christmas. Needless to say, it was the best Christmas present ever for her students!

Her grade nine students thought that the class would resume as usual after a long Christmas break. Little did they know that their English teacher, Roselyn Barcoma prepared a sketched portrait of each of them.

Apparently, Miss Barcoma had been drawing their portraits throughout December and decided to present the portraits to the students when they showed up in the class after the holiday.

Credit: Roselyn Barcoma

Nothing made her happier than seeing the students’ reactions when they saw the portraits on their table.

“When they saw the portrait on everyone’s desk, they were surprised, speechless at first, then said, ‘Wow, thank you, Teacher Rose,'” Miss Barcoma told the BBC.

“Drawing has been my hobby since I was a kid,” Miss Barcoma said.

Credit: Roselyn Barcoma

“My childhood dream was to be a comic illustrator because I thought it would be nice for my works to be admired by a lot of people.”

“When I saw their smiles, it was worth the effort,” she continued.

Credit: ABS-CBN

It was the first time that Miss Barcoma drew the students’ portraits and that she had no other intentions than to give a Christmas present that was “special, something unique and personalized” that would inspire and motivate them to study.”

Credit: Facebook/ Roselyn Barcoma

When the teacher shared photos of her portraits that she drew on Facebook, it did not take long for the post to become viral after local news website Rappler discovered and wrote about it.

“I am really overwhelmed by everything that’s happened,” said Miss Barcoma for the kind messages she received.

“I only wanted to make my students happy but now my portraits have inspired many more people.”

I sketched the whole class. Not an easy task, but I'm glad I made it. :)Date started: Dec. 1, 2018Date finished: Jan. 6, 2019See the scanned copy in Instagram @roselyndrawings #LikeandFollow

Posted by Roselyn Barcoma on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Credit: Rappler PH


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