Landlord dumps horrible mess back to ex-tenant right outside their new home—what a sweet revenge!


Some landlords can be quite a nightmare to tenants. Frequent rent hike, strict rules and regulations, and landlords failed to return deposits are just some of them. Unfortunately for this landlord, it was the other way around.

Thomas Ravaux who lives in Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France has been a landlord for quite some time but this was definitely the first time that he encountered such nasty tenants.

Since the tenants failed to pay the rent for 14 months straight, Ravaux had no choice but to ask them to move out. However, the overdue rent was not the only thing that caused a headache to him.

Apparently, they also failed to clean up the property and left furniture, trash, clothes, pet waste and more.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

The property looked disastrous when Ravaux came to check.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

This upset Ravaux so much as he had to clean up the mess and also make some necessary repairs due to the awful state of the property after the tenants moved out.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

The property was in a really horrible condition that the doors were completely ripped off their hinges!

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

The landlord was left with more than 50 bags of waste when he finished cleaning up the mess.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

Thinking that the huge pile of garbage should return to their rightful owner, Ravaux later devised the perfect plan for revenge.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

Luckily, he knew the latest address of his former tenants so that made his sweet revenge even easier.

Ravaux later loaded all the garbage bags onto a truck and later drove to the tenants’ new house.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

He then dumped all the garbage right at their front door and guess, who has the last laugh.

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux

In a Facebook post that went viral on the internet, Ravaux posted photos of his property when the tenants moved out. He also wrote a reminder to the new landlord.

“This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you. Good luck to your new landlord,” he wrote.

Voilà comment je récupère un logement après 14 mois d impayés . Merci aux locataires de l appartement. Vivre avec 3…

Posted by Thomas Ravaux on Friday, June 1, 2018

Watch the full video of Ravaux dumping all the garbage in front of the tenants’ door here. 

Credit: Facebook/Thomas Ravaux | Elite Readers 


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