McDonald’s employee is surprised with a car gift from a kind-hearted customer


A kind-hearted McDonald’s customer in Kansas surprised an employee with a car, because hers was written off and she couldn’t afford to buy a new one. 

Employee Vicki Anderson, 53, has worked hard at the US McDonalds branch drive-thru for years, and always makes sure to put a smile on her customers’ faces.

Credit: YouTube/Arber Delilaj

Before Christmas, her car broke down. The windows and air conditioning stopped working, she said.

She couldn’t afford a replacement so had to rely on her colleagues to bring her to work daily.

Vicki certainly left a huge impression on one father and son—regular customers—who decided to gift her a car so she could drive to work every day.

The biggest tip ever!

Credit: YouTube/Arber Delilaj

“I have a surprise! Come with me,” loyal customer Chris Ellis told Vicki.

He then passed her a set of keys, saying, “The black car is yours.”

Credit: YouTube/Arber Delilaj

Vicki was stunned for words and couldn’t believe the kind gesture.

“Oh my god!” Vicki said. “For real?”

“It’s all yours. For real, it’s all yours,” Chris told her. 

She was so happy, she couldn’t stop hugging them!

Credit: YouTube/Arber Delilaj

Chris and his son, Josh, said they had heard about Vicki’s car situation, and decided to help out since she always puts a smile on their faces whenever they visit.

“I had a great truck fall out of the sky for me,” Chris’ son, Josh said. “So I figured, I could do the same for someone else.”

“I’ve come through the drive-thru a few times, and she’s always given us a hard time, and she’s just a lot of fun. She puts a smile on our face, so we put a smile on hers,” Josh explained.

When she got in the car for the first time, she couldn’t help but cry at their generosity. 

Credit: YouTube/Arber Delilaj

“I’m so thankful. Somebody asked me today what I’m going to do for Chris. What can I do for Chris? And I have nothing to do. He said to pay it forward someday. Well, that’s what I’m going to do,” Vicki said.

Watch the heartwarming moment she found out about their generous act here: 

Credit: KSN


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