A construction worker in China is breaking gender stereotypes as she carries tons of cement sacks to support her family


Men have always been thought of as being physically stronger than women as they have on average, more total muscle mass relative to their body mass. This is the result of testosterone-induced muscular hypertrophy which is also the reason for men having denser bones, tendons, and ligaments. With this being said, it does not mean that women are weak and helpless in comparison. Just take a look at this striking example of a woman who does physical labor that can beat a good deal of average individuals, including men.

28-year-old Zhang Fang Fang has been nicknamed “Cement Girl” after photos of her lifting stacks of cement sacks on her back went viral on the internet.

She looks deceptively petite and slender but this woman can carry hundreds of cement sacks on her back in a day, with each bag weighing up to a whopping 50 kilograms.

Zhang and her husband were both working as cement laborers in the past in order to provide a comfortable living for their two daughters. Not long ago, Zhang’s husband contracted pneumonia and could not work anymore which left Zhang as the sole breadwinner of the household.

She had to work extra hard in order to secure her family’s needs and this meant longer hours moving huge sacks of cement.

Now Zhang has stopped lifting sacks as she is trying her hand at entrepreneurship and doing very well for herself and her family as her food business is selling well.

This career decision had sparked debates online with some netizens saying that the video of her carrying cement sacks was just a publicity stunt while others congratulated her on her recent success.

Whatever the case, we can all agree that this is one strong woman! Watch her in action below:


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