Meet Celeste, the cow who looks like she came from outer space


It is not every day that a cow becomes an internet sensation but this mama cow shows why the internet cannot stop talking about her, thanks to her unique appearance.

Meet Celeste who became a recent viral sensation on social media thanks to the hundreds of tiny white spots on her black hide that makes her look like she came from the outer space.

A photo of Celeste grazing out in the pasture along with her adorable brown calf, Nebula was first posted on social media platform Reddit by user UnicornsAndJerky.

Credit: Reddit/UnicornsJerky

At first glance, the hundreds of white spots look like as if they were stars twinkling in the night sky! No wonder her photo quickly garnered over 60,000 likes in just a few days.

Credit: Reddit/UnicornsJerky

Needless to say, her distinctive appearance sparked wittiness in some creative users who later wrote hilarious comments regarding Celeste’s looks.

One Reddit user wrote, “From cowter space.” while another user commented, “See, this is what happens when a cow actually jumps over the moon.”

Credit: Reddit/UnicornsJerky

“Missed opportunity to name her Gal-lactose,” another user added.

While many users loved to create hilarious and creative puns over Celeste’s hide, many did wonder what Celeste’s breed is.

Unfortunately, even her owner had no idea what her breed is as he bought her at an auction.

Credit: Reddit/UnicornsJerky

“Looks like an odd Speckle Park or British White. Perhaps a mix of the two could come out with this rare pattern,” chimed a user.

“My guess would be Holstein, but with a weird pattern,” another Reddit wrote.

“Though that calf looks like Jersey, or maybe a Guernsey. I grew up with Jersey cows, they’re so cute.”

Whatever breed Celeste belongs to, there is at least one thing that everyone knows and agrees with—that Celeste’s beauty is truly celestial.

Credit: Reddit | The Epoch Times


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