Homecoming queen stunned the crowd when she insisted to crown her friend instead


A lot of girls dream of becoming a homecoming queen, but this young lady proves that she’s more than just the queen’s title.

Zebony Davis is a senior from Turner County High School, Georgia. She had decided that if she won the crown, she would ask her classmate and friend, Faith Dobbs who suffers from Down syndrome to escort her to the ceremony.

“Faith is the only senior in the class and she wasn’t being included in anything,” said Davis to WALB News 10. She added that Hobbs does not have to miss out anything because of her condition.

Davis was eventually voted as the homecoming queen, but her reaction to receiving the crown was totally unexpected and stunned everyone.

“Give it to Faith,” said Davis.

Kim Guess puts crown on Faith at the request of Zebony, who won Homecoming Queen. Zebony gave up her crown for Faith. …

Posted by Sheila Peace Hobbs on Sunday, September 16, 2018

“And then I went and took Faith’s hand and gave her the crown because that was just the right thing to do. And she deserved it you know,” told Davis.

That amazing moment was captured on camera and shared on Facebook by Deborah Sipes Priest.

Posted by Deborah Sipes Priest on Friday, September 14, 2018

“Zebony realized that building someone else up was more important. My heart is full tonight. Watching a smart, genuine, and precious girl, pass on her honor to make someone else feel loved. Zebony Davis, I am looking forward to seeing how God blesses you. You will go far in life.”

Not only that, but this sweet homecoming queen also helped Dobbs takes off her shoes when she said her footwear was hurting her. With this shining example of being humble and compassionate, Davis shows that she is indeed a queen at heart.

Davis helped Dobbs to take off her shoes.

Posted by Deborah Sipes Priest on Friday, September 14, 2018

When a lot of people were touched by her gesture, Davis said that she honestly just wanted to touch Dobbs’ heart, Dobbs’ parents’ hearts, and her own family’s hearts.

“Be the person someone would want someone to be to you no matter, no matter what,” said Davis.

She’s such a precious young lady!

Watch Davis and Dobbs cute interactions here:

Credit: WALB News 10NTD Inspired


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