Loving moment for women when fostered dog who has just given birth nudged her with the sweetest gesture


Stevoni Doyle from Springville, Utah has been taking care of more than 100 homeless dogs for the past 10 years. This time, she received a 2-year-old dog called Grayce from the Rescue Rovers organization. 

As the dog was seen to be always wary of people in general, Doyle wasn’t expecting that Grayce would trust her in a very short time. Grayce was pregnant when she came to Doyle and looked like anxious all the time. She is probably worried about the safety of her puppies later.

After a few weeks together, Doyle manages to gain Grayce’s trust—thanks to her years of experience with dogs. Grayce gave birth to her litter and what it did after that touches Doyle’s heart.

Grayce gave birth to 11 cute puppies.

Credit: YouTube/Stevoni Doyle

When Doyle was sitting in a chair, Grayce suddenly took all its puppies and placed them in Doyle’s arms. Probably believed that Doyle’s arms would be the safest place for her little babies, Grayce bringing them one by one and piled up on Doyle.

Grayce taking one of her puppies to Doyle.

Credit: YouTube/Stevoni Doyle

“What do you need? Do you need help from me?” asked Doyle gently to Grayce.

Credit: YouTube/Stevoni Doyle

After watching the video, many people commented that Grayce must have completely put her trust on Doyle because it is rare for a mother dog to leave her puppies to someone else. They envy the bond that Grayce and Doyle have for each other and some even said that they shed tears looking at the sweet moment.

For Doyle, she’s just happy that Grayce finally feels at ease with her and trusted her wholeheartedly. “You are so precious.”

Credit: YouTube/Stevoni Doyle

Watch the incredibly sweet moment in this video:


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