This 9-year-old student from India creates a washing machine that does not use electricity and it is amazing


Ever heard of a washing machine that does not need to rely on electricity to operate? Apparently, a seventh-grade student in India managed to make it into a reality when he created a pedal-powered washing machine.

We are nearly halfway through 2018 but there are still millions of people around the world who do not have access to electricity.

In India alone, it is estimated about 240 millions of people lack access to electricity, according to the International Energy Agency.

Now, thanks to his invention, millions of people could benefit from it.

The washing machine is made from recycled plastic cylinder and bicycle parts where the cylinder is connected to the bicycle chain and pedal system

By using a dirty cloth, the student demonstrated how the pedal-powered washing machine works

Put the dirty cloth into the cylinder and pedal the bike for a while. The result is a newly washed cloth!

This invention is not only a creative breakthrough in these modern days, it also means hope to many underprivileged families around the world who lack access to electricity.

Check out his amazing demonstration in this video here


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