University student built own tiny house to escape $19,200 worth of rent in an 18ft trailer


Joel Weber, a student from University of Austin, Texas hates debt. He doesn’t want to pay rent for an apartment or dorm room and refuses to share a space with icky roommates. His solution? Build his own house, of course.

This creative student managed to DIY his very own 145-square-foot home that will save him at least $800 a month for rent near his campus. By the time he’s done with college, he would have graduated debt-free—with leftover cash at graduation.

Freshly-installed wood for his tiny home.

Credit: Joel Weber

You can feel the mix of vibrancy and calmness just by looking at this.

Credit: Joel Weber

The woody elements are strong in this one.

Credit: Joel Weber

The miniature house is equipped with plumbing, electricity and propane-powered stove. It also has two lofts, a shower, and a sink, the entire setup costed almost $20,000 to make.

The kitchen looks sleek and modern.

Credit: Joel Weber

His cozy corner to sleep and rest.

Credit: Joel Weber

Weber’s home is built on an 18-foot flatbed trailer and it took him about a year to complete. Weber said, “I saved up quite a bit and what I didn’t have, family, friends, and the community around me donated materials.”

Stairs doubling as storage space and study corner.

Credit: Joel Weber

The adorable tiny home is parked in his hometown Dallas and he’s especially looking forward to taking it 200 miles south to Austin, just in time for college.

The bathroom is simple and compliments the house elements.

Credit: Joel Weber

Weber’s stint in landscaping, house-sitting and babysitting fuels his active nature and his new tiny home definitely fits his lifestyle because it allows him to be on the move. Weber added, “145 square feet might not be for everybody, and that’s okay. It’s more about how I can live simple and still be grateful.”

Organic textures and lots of natural light. Simply beautiful.

Credit: Joel Weber

This amazing student didn’t do this alone though, a carpenter and electrician volunteered their time to help him bring his childhood tree-house dream into life.

Source: Daily Mail


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