6yo helped out parents’ salon and mastered skills in two years, he’s now a hairdressing expert at the age of 6!


Hairdressing skill is probably one of the hardest skills to master as it requires precision and accurate handwork. But this 6-year-old boy in southwestern China has wowed thousands of clients and people on the internet with his amazing hairdressing skills.

Jiang Hongqi has just recently turned 6 and has gained more than 1.5 million social media followers and became the hottest hairdresser in China—thanks to his incredible talent working with hair.

Ever since he was 4, Jiang has been helping out at his parents’ salon in Suining, Sichuan.

Credit: YouTube/New China TV

His parents have been running the business since six years ago. The cute little hairdresser needed assistance from adults in the beginning, but he quickly polished his skills in the past two years and mastered it.

He is now a hairdressing expert and able to render service by himself!

Credit: YouTube/New China TV

At such a young age, Jiang is able to handle scissors, razors, combs, brushes and hair dryers effortlessly.

Credit: YouTube/New China TV

His ability to unbelievably maneuver a variety of hairdressing tools with ease and precision impresses his clients every single time.

Credit: YouTube/New China TV

As his parents started to share his clips on social media, a lot of people voiced their desire to get a haircut from the little hairdresser. Even more fascinating, Jiang is able to cut and style his own hair!

Look at him getting the style he wants by himself—no big deal!

Credit: YouTube/New China TV

Watch the little hairdresser in his act here:

I got a feeling that I need a haircut too!


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