Brilliant young man takes home a big TV and items worth $28,000 without a shopping cart in just 100 seconds


Imagine you can take everything you want from the shop for free in just 100 seconds, what would you take?

A store called Media Markt hosted an event where the participant was given only 100 seconds to take everything they wanted from the premise. But there’s one condition—you can’t use the shopping cart!

In this amazing 2 minutes video shared by the store’s Youtube channel, a man called Kreeg Wannes made a practical tactic to be able to take everything he wanted and came out as the winner of the event.

When other people might be thinking that moving fast is the winning key for this kind of competition, Wannes’ trick was cleverly planned too.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

As the competition started, Wannes went straight to his destination and chose a television set.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

He laid the TV box on the floor and push it to the designated line. He suddenly stopped at some point and went to take a few more electrical appliances including laptops and handphones.

Wannes was seen taking a few MacBooks.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

He put them on the TV box and continue pushing the box.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

In the last few seconds, he took a few things from the nearest shelves and throw them inside the designated line.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

In the end, Wanned managed to take home items worth almost $28,000 in just 100 seconds!

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

When it ended, this smart son happily gave his cheering mother a hug.

Credit: YouTube/Media Markt BE

Look at his brilliant and well-thought-out process in this video:


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