Stray dog adopted by gas station rescued staff from armed robbery


Randy was once a stray dog who wandered around the streets of Tamaulipas in Mexico before the staff at a gas station adopted him. He has never been more grateful ever since.

To repay for their kindness, Randy stays loyal to the staff as he helps them guard the gas station, including rescuing them from an armed robbery.

Two years ago, the staff at the gas station noticed a skinny and scared dog wandering around the gas station. Luckily for the stray dog, the gas station’s staff later did more than just feeding him.

They adopted him and named him Randy.

Credit: The Dodo

In an interview with The Dodo, Gerardo Aguilar, the station’s owner said, “We fed him, bathed him and got him vaccinated. We adopted him.”

“Now he lives here, and is cared for by all the workers,” he further said.

Randy has always been a gentle and friendly dog but little did they realize that he was brave too.

Credit: The Dodo

One evening, two armed robbers came to the gas station and forced the attendant on duty to open up the office where they kept the money. The robbers also assaulted the attendant as they punched and knocked him to the ground during the attempted robbery.

Thankfully, Randy who was sleeping in the warehouse heard the commotion and rushed to rescue the attendant from the robbers. Fortunately, both Randy and the attendant were unharmed.

“We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him,” Aguilar said.

“If it weren’t for Randy, who knows how things would have ended. He shows us how grateful and happy he is with us.”

“It would be wonderful if the culture changed and there were more rescued puppies at other gas stations and other stores. Let’s hope this happens one day.”

Watch how Randy bravely drove the robbers away here

Posted by Gerardo Aguilar on Monday, January 7, 2019

Credit: The Dodo


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