Young man receives praises for staying with elderly woman until ambulance arrives and cleans the scene too


It has become a common sight nowadays for many people who witness an accident to just gather around the victim and take videos instead of lending a helping hand.

Fortunately, this selfless man from Jinan, China shows what is best to do when there is someone in need of help.

In this video, the man can be seen trying his best to calm the grandma down as well making sure she is conscious while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The video shows the grandma lying on the road with what seems like a small puddle of blood underneath her head. Luckily, one man rushes to the scene and quickly makes a call to the hospital.

The grandma seems to be in a shock as her hands continue to tremble but the man assures her that it is going to be okay and help will arrive soon.

It is also clearly seen that the man uses some rolls of tissue to stop the bleeding. According to the video, the man later makes a call to inform the elderly woman’s relatives regarding the unfortunate incident after calling for an ambulance.

He also calms the old woman down and can be heard saying, “Grandma, do not sleep. The ambulance is coming soon,” in an attempt to ensure that the grandma stays conscious.

The video continues with the man staying next to the grandma until the ambulance arrives.

Needless to say, the man’s kind act does not stop there. He also appears to get some tissues and wipe the blood off the road.

When the video made its way to social media later, many people praised him for being selfless and kind to stay with the grandma until the ambulance arrives.

Many people also were moved by his wiping the blood off the road afterward. “The world needs more people like him,” one user commented.

The world is indeed in need of more people like him!

Watch the full video of the kind-hearted man here

Credit: YouTube/TVBS News


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