Multi-talented ‘piano goddess’ wowed the internet with her mastery of the piano, ballet as well as her love for fitness


Human beings are full of latent potential because with discipline and perseverance, we can learn anything we put our minds to. Cathryn Li is one of those people who has worked hard to learn multiple skills in order to better herself. She continues to push herself because she believes there is always room for improvement. Cathryn was also blessed with stunning facial features and has amassed quite a fan base.

Cathryn Li Yuan Ling is a trained classical pianist and she holds a masters degree in piano from the Birmingham Conservatory of Music in the United Kingdom.

She is currently trying her hand at acting and has been featured in several movies including playing the leading role in Special Female Force, a Hong Kong blockbuster action film.

With this being said, she has not forgotten about her passion for playing the piano and laments that when she is in the process of filming there leaves little time to indulge in her passion.

She regularly posts snippets of her playing classical pieces on her Instagram page. It is simply mesmerizing to see how her fingers glide across the keys as she plays with such fervor.

In keeping with all things elegant and classical, Cathryn also excels in ballet.

She took up this demanding sport and art form when she was very young and continues to train to this day.

In addition to being an outstanding pianist, ballet dancer as well as talented actress, Cathryn also reveals her passion for fitness as she regularly posts videos of her workout regimens on her Instagram page.

She gradually developed her strength and posts her progress online to inspire people to do the same. Cathryn now has a meager 12% body fat and the rest of her is made up of lean muscles which she worked arduously for.

Here’s to inspiring everyone to follow in her footsteps and keep working on yourself so you can be the best version of you.


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