Sales personnel was shocked when man who dressed poorly walked into car sales room and told her his true intentions


One humid afternoon, a sweaty old man walked into a car salesroom. When he came in, a young salesgirl walked over with a smile and asked the old man: “How are you today, sir? How may I help you?”

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The old man replied timidly: “Sorry, you do not need to serve me. I just came in to enjoy your air-conditioned room. It is a hot and humid day today. I will leave when I have cooled down a little.”

After hearing the old man’s explanation, she replied: “That’s right. Today sure is a hot and humid day. Come in and Let me get you a glass of cold tea.” She then brought the old man over to a luxurious sofa.

The old man replied: “But I am a farmer and I work in the fields. I am afraid that I might ruin your sofa”

The salesgirl smiled and replied: “No worries. The sofa is prepared for our customers to sit on.”

After the old man finished his glass of chilled tea, he walked over to the trucks section and started to look at the trucks displayed there.

Then, the kind salesgirl who gave him a glass of tea came over and asked: “Are you interested in buying a truck?”

The old man replied: “Sorry, I am a poor farmer and I do not have money to buy this truck and by the way I do not need this truck at all.”

The salesgirl replied: “No worries, it is not a problem if you are not buying. I will explain to you the truck’s specifications and who knows you might have a friend who is interested.”

The salesgirl explained the truck’s specifications to the old man and the old man listened patiently

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After listening to the explanation, he pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to the salesgirl and said: “This is the type of truck and quantity that I need. Please arrange them for me, thank you.”

The salesgirl took the piece of paper from the old man and looked at it. This old man wanted to order 18 trucks! The salesgirl nearly fainted after she looked at the piece of paper. She anxiously asked the old man: “Sir, I could not make a decision here as the quantity that you want to order is considered a bulk purchase and need my manager to personally serve you.”

“Could you please wait for him to return and discuss it with him? In the meantime, I could arrange a test drive for you…”

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The old man replied calmly: “Miss, you do not need to look for your manager. I am a farmer and currently, my business is expanding so I need to buy a fleet of trucks but I have no knowledge about trucks. My worst fear is the after-sales service of the trucks and the maintenance of the trucks. So my son came up with this simple and brilliant idea which is to test every showroom in the town.”

“I have been to a few showrooms before I came here and I have been using this exact same scenario but in the end, I was not served by any salesman at all. I was left standing alone looking at the trucks. This has made me very disappointed. Whereas, your company knew I was not a customer but still served me enthusiastically. So I decided to buy my trucks from you as your good service proves that this company will have good after-sales services.”

This story tells us that not everyone who comes into your store will tell us their true intentions. Customers should be treated as customers regardless of whether the customers wear flip-flops or expensive shoes. If they are well-tended, who knows they will end up buying something.


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