Dog travels almost 4 miles every night to bring food for her stray animal friends


Dog lover, Lucia Helena De Souza first met Lilica the dog years ago and she has been feeding her ever since. One night, she noticed that Lilica just stared at the bag of food instead of finishing it. 

“I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag,’ Lucia said.

Lilica’s strange behavior left Lucia with many questions but it was not until her neighbor explained to her about Lilica’s action.

The neighbor suggested to Lucia that the reason Lilica kept staring at the bag of food because she wanted to take the food back with her.

Since then, Lucia ties up the bag of food everytime Lilica comes to her house at 9.30 pm.

“From then on, that’s what how we did it,” Lucia said.+

Lucia later found out that Lilica has been bringing the bag of food to her junkyard which she shares with other stray animals including chickens, a dog, cats, and a mule.

All of them shares the bag of food together as soon as Lilica drops the bag to the ground after she comes back from Lucia’s place.

Lilica has been traveling 6 kilometers every day between Lucia’s and Neile Vania Antonio’s junkyard where she was abandoned as a puppy a long time ago.

Since the last three years, Lilica has volunteered to walk all the way to Lucia’s house so that her animal friends can have the meal of the day.

“An animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson. A lesson for us,” Lucia said.

Credit: Daily Mail


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