Real life story of man who makes his fiancee fall in love with him every day after she lost her memory


If you have watched the Hollywood romantic comedy film, “50 First Dates”, you may probably think that the story of a man having to make his girlfriend who lost her memory due to a car crash fall in love with him every day is just fictional. 

However impossible it may seem, that is exactly what a man from Japan is going through after his longtime girlfriend is left with amnesia.

Maruyama and her fiance Li Huayu have been together for two and a half years. They already prepared for their wedding.

Unfortunately, fate took a different turn for the couple.

It begins after Maruyama, 24, suffers from amnesia after she was involved in a tragic car crash. She was riding her bicycle at the time before she was hit by a car nine months ago.

When she woke up, she could not recognize her own parents and Li Huayu.

Later when she recovered from her physical injuries, her memory remains impaired and it is getting worse, day by day.

Even though Li Huayu had to call off the wedding, he stays by Maruyama’s side, convinced that his fiancee will regain her memory one day.

Every day, he will reintroduce himself to Maruyama and shows her the proofs that they are in love.

“You may have lost your memories, but we can make new ones,” Li Huayu told Maruyama.

Maruyama’s doctor then advised her to keep a diary and jot down things she has done in the previous days to help her with her memory.

Thanks to the diary, Maruyama realized how devoted and sincere Li Huayu is towards her.

She later decided to propose to Li Huayu. “Thank you for your care during this time. You understand me very well and have always tolerated this sensitive and fragile version of me,” the young woman said, as reported by Oddity Central.

“Recently my symptoms have become more and more serious. Doctors say that the amnesia may get even worse. I may lose my memory again, even forget you forever, are you still willing to be with me?”

“Because of my amnesia, I have the chance to fall in love with him again,” Maruyama said in an interview.

“No matter how many times I lose my memory, I believe I will always fall in love with him.”

Of course, Li Huayu who had been waiting for Maruyama did not hesitate to say “yes” to her proposal!

 Credit: YouTube ぴよOddity Central


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