60 yo mom gets stunning beauty transformation, she can’t even recognize herself!


Makeovers can do wonders for our souls—who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful once in a while?

Debbie, a 60-year-old mom, wanted to transform her entire look. She was tired of her grey roots and frizzy brown hair, and wanted something completely new.

Credit: YouTube/ MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

That’s when she decided to pay a visit to Christopher Hopkins in Minneapolis, also known as “The Makeover Guy,” who makes a living out of making people feel pretty again.

Christopher’s insane skills have even earned him appearances on TV shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and Today! 

Credit: Wikipedia

Debbie had been a fan of Christopher’s work for a while before she decided to make the trip down to see him.

And when she did, she told him to “do whatever you want”—she had total trust in him! 

Credit: YouTube/ MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

“Debbie came in with white regrowth and brown ends on very curly hair. She didn’t know her ideal colors were not gray and black, but warm and spring-like colors.

“Not an easy correction but the strawberry blonde with highlights was exactly it. Width in shape to bring the focus up to her eyes, and “just a touch” of makeup. Not really.

“We completely recreated her face with the help of contour, color and brows,” Christopher wrote on his YouTube channel.

He chopped off her dull brown locks and gave her a stunning, youthful strawberry blonde bob, with a full glam face of makeup. 

Credit: YouTube/ MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

He also ditched her black clothes, and put her in a colorful top which brings out her new hairdo even more! 

Debbie was overwhelmed by her transformation, and told the camera, “I’m fabulous.”

Credit: YouTube/ MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

And Christopher’s YouTube subscribers were equally amazed by the results.

“Wow wow wow wow! Fabulous not just for this makeover. But it looks as if she got a facelift and lost 20 pounds. You’re a master! Best makeover so far in my opinion. What a great woman. I’m next! Please!” one person commented.

We can’t get over how happy she is with her beauty makeover! What do you think of her new look?

Credit: YouTube/MakeOverGuy Minneapolis


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