Hong Kong’s gorgeous female porter found love on a popular TV show and she can’t be happier


Photos of 31-year-old Zhu Qianpei doing a man’s job of carrying heavy goods and making deliveries has made rounds on the internet.

Since then, she has landed a couple of major advertising contracts from big brands including CAT footwear and she has also recently appeared on the popular Jiangsu TV show New Chinese Dating Time and found a man that would respect her for who she is.

The format of the TV show is such that parents are brought in to question and select a potential partner for their children.

Qianpei’s unconventional looks were a hindrance at first since there were several parents who rejected her based on the fact she comes from a humble background. In the following round when the contestants are allowed to see each other face-to-face to interact with one another, Qianpei also had a tough time.

She mainly received criticism about her choice of work as they could not wrap their heads around why she would continue her job as a transporter.

However, her confidence and jovial personality made her stand out among the other more demure and conventional ladies. In her contestant video, Qianpei said that she felt “happy and free” doing what she does and she wants a person who can respect that. This caught the attention of 35-year-old Rong Disheng, a broadcaster from China Radio International.

He asked her to go on a date with him saying that she had a tough spirit encased in a beautiful person.

Disheng said that if things were to go well with them, he could give her a better life. Qianpei started working out of the necessity to support her family and the host of the show was especially touched by her story.

No matter what the circumstance, young people can learn from Qianpei’s story about the value of handwork and determination. Watch a snippet of new couple below:


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