Lady Gaga made award history at the Oscars 2019, and her performance with Bradley Cooper is simply magical!


Lady Gaga made award history at the Oscars 2019 this week after she was named the first person ever to win a Golden Globe, BAFTA, an Oscar and a Grammy all in the space of a year!

Credit: Instagram/ @ladygaga

She earned herself the title after a song called ‘Shallow’ from her hit movie A Star is Born, bagged an Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’.

Credit: Instagram/ @ladygaga

The song, which also stars American actor Bradley Cooper, had topped charts since its release last year, before bringing home a golden statue.

The latest award also officially made it the most awarded song in history! 

The 32-year-old singer-turned-actress humbly accepted the award by thanking Bradley for believing in them.

“There is not a single person on the planet that could sing this song but you,” she added.

To the delight of fans around the globe, the pair then took to the stage to sing their award-winning track in a stirring performance.

They climb up the stairs to take to the stage hand-in-hand, while the star-studded audience scream in excitement.

Credit: YouTube/ Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga takes a seat at the piano while Bradley sits opposite her on a stool.

Credit: YouTube/ Lady Gaga

It was a beautiful display of their on-screen romance.

They stare into each others eyes the whole time, so romantic! 

Credit: YouTube/ Lady Gaga

They even earned themselves a standing ovation, not once—but twice after their electrifying performance! 

Credit: Twitter/ @ChrisGardner

Undeniable chemistry!

Credit: YouTube/ Lady Gaga

And the internet has gone crazy for the duo.

Credit: Twitter/ @StephenAmell
Credit: YouTube/ Lady Gaga

“This was so beautiful and literally breathtaking; I didn’t realize that I had been holding my breath through the whole video until it ended and I took a deep breath. I’m just… Wow,” a fan wrote.

“Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga singing is the greatest thing that’s ever happened on television,” Stephen Amell of Arrow said.

While another fan commented, “Why am I trying to give a standing ovation in my apartment on my fractured foot after #LadyGaga and #BradleyCooper‘s performance of #Shallow at the #Oscars ? Cause it was bonkers, beyond and insanely amazingly good. Though I applauded seated, the standing O was there in spirit.”

Lady Gaga looked absolutely stunning at the award ceremony.

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

She wore a sleek, black Alexander McQueen gown alongside a dazzling $30 million Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace last worn by the late Audrey Hepburn promoting Breakfast at Tiffany’s! 

Watch their electric performance here: 

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar


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