Felt bad for motorcyclist who spills his sack of rice, car owner did not press charges and pays for new sack


Driving motor vehicles on busy streets can be dangerous even for experienced drivers. This is because no matter how careful you are, there may be some reckless person who bumps into you instead. In cases such as these where the accident which occurred was the fault of the other person, they will naturally have to compensate for the damages done to your vehicle.

Sayd Omar Morales Akmad is from the Philippines and has always been a responsible and careful driver. He follows the traffic rules religiously but one fateful day, a motorcyclist slammed into his car which resulted in a dent on his rear bumper.

He had all the right to get angry at the reckless motorcyclist but as he got out of his car and saw the scene, Akmad did something extremely unexpected.

In a surprising turn of events, Akmad decided to not only let go of all the charges but also compensate the motorcyclist on the damages that occurred to him!

When the authorities arrived on scene and started questioning the motorcyclist, Akmad found out that he was a fisherman and knew then that he would not be able to afford to fix the damages done to the car.

In fact, he was carrying a sack of rice which was meant to feed his family but the sack broke on impact and rice was strewn all along the street, unable to be salvaged.

He could not afford to buy another sack on that day and his family would have to do without rice for a day or until he can come up with some money to purchase a brand new sack.

After hearing this, Akmad dropped all charges against the motorcyclist and even bought another bag of rice for him and his family. The fisherman was overwhelmed by Akmad’s kindhearted gesture and could not thank him enough.


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