Mom hands out 200 goodie bags in a 10 hours flight in case baby cries and disturbs everyone


Long plane journeys are always tiring—the stiff necks, lack of leg room and noisy passengers or crying babies keeping you up all night.

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

When one guy got on a 10-hour flight from Seoul, Korea to San Francisco, he was surprised by the most thoughtful gesture!

One new mom traveling with her four-month-old baby son handed out over 200 ‘care packages’ to everyone on the flight in case he started crying during the journey.

How sweet! 

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

On a ten hours flight from Seoul Korea to San Francisco, a mother handed out more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and earplugs, in case her 4-month-old child cried during the flight.

“A very touching gesture by the mother but as you know when you have kids expect the unexpected. Not a peep out of the kid,”  fellow passenger Dave Corona wrote on Facebook.

He also shared a few pictures of the thoughtful package, which included a short note, ear plugs and yummy nibbles.

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

The mom even took her time to write the note explaining her gesture as if it were from her son Junwoo!

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

“Hello, I’m Junwoo and I’m 4 months old. Today, I am going to the U.S. with my mom and grandmom to see my aunt. I’m a little bit nervous and scared because it’s my first flight in my life. That means that I may cry or make too much noise. I will try to go quietly, though I can’t make any promises. Please excuse me,” the note read.

 “So my mom prepared little goodie bags for you! It has some candies and earplugs. Please use it when it’s too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

I don’t know about you, but packing that many goodie bags would have taken so much effort! 

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

Dave shared another photo of the thoughtful mom cradling her baby boy in the plane corridor.

But apparently, nobody heard a peep from Junwoo! He must have had a really good nap.

Credit: Facebook/ Dave Corona

It’s nice to see someone go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable, but we’re sure nobody would have minded either way! 

Credit: World of Buzz


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