Youthful-looking Korean dentist leaves people in awe when she reveals that she is 50 years old


Although South Korea is known for being one of the epicenters for all things beauty related and safer and more efficient procedures for non-invasive surgery are in place, there are still limits in what cosmetic procedures can be done to enhance a person’s appearance.

Recently, a Korean dentist had caught the internet’s attention because of the way she looks. At first glance, Lee Su Jin appears to look like a regular young lady in her mid-twenties but in reality, she is 50 years old of age!

She is a well-known young looking 50-year-old because judging from outward appearance alone, she can fit in with a group of college seniors.

Don’t let her looks fool you as she revealed that she was actually born back in 1969 and has been practicing dentistry for the past 16 years.

Lee Su Jin became an overnight sensation when she was invited onto a popular Korean TV show with her daughter.

Su Jin is also very active in social media and always like to take selfies.

She confessed that after her daughter started middle school, they stopped talking to each other.

She amassed thousands of followers and that made her feel good but it did not improve her relationship with her daughter.

She knew she needed help because she could not bear the strained relationship she had with her daughter any longer.


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After the show’s intervention, she finally found out that her daughter felt neglected because of the time she spends on her social media accounts.

Su Jin’s relationship with her daughter improved dramatically and now they are inseparable.

They look more like sisters than mother-daughter because Su Jin looks incredibly youthful.

As for the secret of staying youthful, she really takes care of herself as she exercises regularly as well as maintains a healthy diet. It may also be genetics in which case her daughter is very lucky!


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