Pediatric doctor wins hearts when he carries a crying baby to sleep while he works


For most of the doctors working overnight, they barely had time to spend for themselves after trying to serve and give their patients the best care that they can. This 32-year-old pediatrician who works in Samyang City, Hubei, China who put his patient first before anything else in the world.

Earlier in January, the young doctor had been working with a sinus and accumulated fatigue. Despite that, he continues to work and do his usual rounds to check on his little patients.

Apparently, one of the babies was crying on the bed and didn’t seem to stop anytime soon. The nurse that was in charge of the baby was taking care of another baby in a separate room.

Looking at the crying baby, the doctor could not just ignore so he hold the baby and hugged him.

Credit: NTD

The baby finally stops crying and doze off in his arm. So he tried to put the baby back to its crib. Just when he tried to do that, the baby started to cry again. Since he had work to complete, the doctor carried him along to his computer with the baby in his arm.

The nurse who watched the incident didn’t miss her chance to take a picture of the cute situation and posted it on the internet.

As the picture spreads online, a lot of people are praising the doctor for his caring gesture.

Credit: NTD

“I have always been in the pediatric and intensive care unit. Every healthcare worker has held a child before, and I had to do it too to continue working. Each patient’s condition was different and primary caretaker has the best understanding of the patient’s condition,” explained the doctor.

The baby’s family must be relieved because their baby is definitely in good hands!

Credit: NTD


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