Quick-thinking teens were hailed as heroes for rescuing 8yo dangling from a ski chair


Grouse Mountain is a popular vacation destination and it is located near Vancouver. It offers various activities such as skiing, snowboarding as well as ice skating and boasts for a good overall experience. One 8-year-old, in particular, will not forget his trip to Grouse Mountain because of this harrowing situation.

The boy had taken the chair lift up the mountain with two other adults sharing the same lift with him. All of a sudden he somehow slipped from the seats and was left hanging on for dear life at the edge of the chair. The boy’s father who were on the lift tried desperately to hang on to him and pull him back onto the chair but they could not get a good grip. Luckily, a group of teens noticed what was going on and acted quickly.

A group of quick-thinking teenagers saw the incident and immediately went into action. One of the teenagers, Ethan Harvey told CTV “They pointed to the lift and I saw the kid dangling and I was like, ‘Holy Smokes!'”

Screenshot: Global News

So they came up with a plan fast! Three of the boys went to grab some plastic safety fencing nearby and they used that as a makeshift net while two others stripped some padding that was wrapped around a pole to serve to cushion the fall.

Screenshot: Global News

After they were all set, they calmly talked the boy into letting go. He was understandably terrified and took some coaxing to let go as Gabriel Neilson said, “I yelled up and told him that he needed to take his skis off,” and then he explained it would have made landing a lot worse.

Screenshot: Global News
Screenshot: Global News

The boy can then be seen wriggling off his skis as the group of five teenagers wait anxiously to catch his fall but the boy still needed to be persuaded to let go. Gabriel told Global News “At one point, we were just like, ‘OK, you just need to trust us, you just need to drop.” The boy finally let go and the teens caught him!

Screenshot: Global News

The Grouse Mountain spokesperson said that these heroic boys will be rewarded for their quick-thinking with season passes to the mountain. The company president will also meet them to express his gratitude personally. There is an investigation being conducted in accordance to the industry protocol to find out how this incident began in the first place.

Watch the harrowing footage below:

Credit: The Epoch Times


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