8yo boy keeps his hair long for a good reason despite being ridiculed for 2 years


It’s not easy to take care of long hair even for women, but this 8-year-old boy manage to keep his long black hair for two years just so that he can use it for one admirable cause—to donate them.

As most boys usually have a simple and short haircut, many people think that this boy looked like a girl with long hair when his mother uploaded his picture on social media. Because of this, he was treated badly by some people but he insisted on keeping his hair.

He definitely looked like a cute girl with this long hair.

But he successfully kept his long hair and didn’t cut it until last June. 

“He needed to keep the hair for two years to be able to donate them. Two years is not that long, but my son had to endure heat and sweat during the summer. I don’t care what other people think about it because we encourage our son to do a good thing—to donate. Helping other people to be happy is a wonderful thing to do to,” said his mother, Zhang.

According to an interview with Apply Daily, Zhang revealed that her father accidentally asked her son if he wanted to keep long hair to help others. Zhang didn’t really think that her son will take the offer, but he did and has been taking good care of his long hair even when it takes a longer time.

He makes sure to use shampoo and dry his hair well.

Sometimes he needed to tie his hair so that it would not block his sight and not gets in his way while eating.

The boy’s teacher has been very supportive of his intention but there are some friends who ridiculed him for his long hair. After all the physical discomfort, the boy finally cut his hair in June and donated them. His mother was very proud of him as he said that he wanted to continue helping others.

He endured all the hardship for two long years.

Just so that he can donate it and help other people.

He turned into a handsome boy after cutting his hair!

Not many boys of his age are willing to endure physical discomfort just to help others. We’re proud of you!


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