Dad sells banana cakes on streets to raise funds for baby’s life-saving liver transplant


A 34-year-old dad from the Philippines is baking huge batches of banana cake to sell by the roadside to raise around $30,000 for his son to undergo a life-saving surgery. 

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

Antonio Detablan’s eight-month-old son, Aki, was sadly diagnosed with a rare liver and bile disease called biliary atresia that occurs in infants.

He now needs a liver transplant urgently.

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

Antonio, who lives in Calamba, is determined to do whatever he can to save his son! 

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

In order for ‘Aki’ to survive, his parents need to raise $30,000 for his life-saving surgery.

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

A passer-by happened to see Antonio selling his homemade treats on the streets and decided to take a picture to post on Facebook, as he was so touched.

Antonio and his wife were pictured standing on the road with their banana cakes next to a sign which read, “Please buy banana cake for a cause to save our baby Aki’s life from Biliary Artresia. Banana cake at 120 Pesos, printed T-shirt at 300 pesos.”

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

The post quickly went viral, receiving over 139,000 shares on the social media site. 

Baker Antonio has been married to 34-year-old housewife Jabee Imano Galindes for nine years.

They have 3 adorable kids together called Anexi, 8,  Arkhin, 4 and poor Aquiro Jazz, who is just eight months old.

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

Together, they’re a dream team. Antonio makes the delicious banana cakes while his wife helps out by making T-shirts and holding online raffles.

Credit: Facebook/ Jabee Imano Galindes

The pair have had their fair share of hardship, as their middle child, Arkhan, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in 2016. It’s a rare condition which leads to a build up for excess fluid in the brain.

Luckily, Arkhin survived the ordeal, and his mom truly believes miracles can happen.

“Many thanks to the Lord and to those whom he touched by his mysterious and blessed hands. It is the Lord who is willing to return their goodness to us and especially to Aki,” she said.

We hope this loving family manages to raise enough funds for Aki! Doctors said if he isn’t operated on before he turns one, he may not survive until the age of two.

They’ve started a fundraising page here, which has raised over $2000 if you want to check it out.

Credit: World of Buzz


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