With 1 leg and a crutch, man continues to carry heavy loads for long distances daily to make a living


Allan Aguilar is a man borned to a poor family in Mindanao, Philippines. Only able to study until he was Grade 1, Allan stopped schooling to help his father gather furniture materials such as rattan in the forest near their home.

However, Allan got into an accident during one of their trips to the forest. Unfortunately, his right foot was affected but his family didn’t have enough money to give him any treatment which caused his foot to be amputated.

He’s left with one leg.

When other people sympathize him for losing his foot under that circumstance, Allan remained strong and hardworking. But there was also a report saying that Allan was bullied by his brothers-in-law.

Concerned about his condition, Allan’s aunt decided to take him with her to the town of Sogod in Southern Leyte, a province in the Philippines located in the Visayas region. Allan has then settled in the village of Mabicay for the past 10 years and made a living by selling farm products.

He works hard to make a living despite disability.

Every day, Allan will have to carry around 50 kilograms worth of bananas or other products to the center of the town, which was two kilometers away. Putting the huge sack on his back, Allan makes his journey every single day. Even when his daily routine became extremely challenging after the accident, Allan successfully carries the heavy load.

It’s easier on his way home because he didn’t have heavy loads on his back anymore.

After Allan’s story went viral, a lot of people has been saying how they wished to help him get a prosthetic leg. But Allan never uses his disability as an excuse to stop being a productive member of society.

He is such an inspiration!

Watch how he carries the heavy loads on his back:

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