Cheap bride has her makeup done during a trial session. Feeling deceived, makeup artist shares her story to warn others.


A wedding day is one of the most important day in one’s life and all brides want to look their best on this special day. Makeup artists are purposely hired for this reason and it has been a practice for any bride-to-be to request for a trial session before engaging them on their big day.

During trial sessions, makeup artist would let the bride try his or her makeup ‘style’ to see if it is to their liking. They would convey each other’s thoughts and the makeup artist would do his or her best to satisfy the bride’s request.

The price for a trial makeup session is usually a lot cheaper than the makeup service done on the wedding day.

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However, things turn ugly when one bride abused the trial session and went straight to her own wedding afterward. Feeling deceived, the makeup artist took her story to social media to warn others in her profession to be wary of such situations.

It all started when she received a call from the bride to schedule a bride makeup testing session. However, the bride seemed to be very fussy as she came up with a lot of requirements before her testing session.

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The requirements include:

  1. I have skin allergy so need to be extra careful before trying makeup.
  2. I have my own super expensive makeup that I bought from France to use during the session.
  3. I want to use a specific brand of eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish and liquid foundation and will not use anything else.
  4. Please make my eyes doll-like. I have beautiful eyes but can be further improved.
  5. Please do make up for my husband also, he is a self-conscious person and wants to make sure everything is perfect.

Other than that, the bride was extremely fussy and complained about every little detail and wants the makeup artist to correct them immediately.

The makeup artist is used to customer’s making multiple requests, but she has a strange feeling this time. Being a professional artist that she is, she brushed off the weird feeling and attended the bride’s request diligently. After the makeup was done accordingly, the bride paid for the trial session and left.

The bride looked satisfied with her makeup during the testing session.

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“Thank you very much for the makeup testing session. I will go back and consider if I would engage your service on my actual wedding day soon,” said the bride to the makeup artist.

Looking at the satisfied look on the bride’s face, the makeup artist was certain that she would get the job on her wedding day. However, she saw something unexpected when she browsed her social media posts that day.

“I saw on my Facebook that the bride from this morning’s trial session got married?! She must be unaware that I have quite a huge network of friends and I would definitely find out!” said the makeup artist.

The bride was actually getting married on the same day!

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The makeup artist was so disappointed that the bride cheated on her. Her efforts were washed to drain after she followed all the requirements requested by the bride. Turns out it was just an act so that the bride can pay for a minimal makeup fee instead of the whole package.

After reading the story, a lot of people were angry at the bride’s selfish move and asked her to do her own makeup.

They also suggested that the makeup artist should remove the bride’s makeup after the testing session so that incident like this will never happen again.

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Let’s be more respectful of other people’s professions. They need to make a living too!


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