Marine stepdad burst into tears after seeing heartfelt adoption request from 8yo stepdaughter


In it’s most basic sense, a blended family is one where parents have children from previous relationships but in the end, they come together to form one cohesive unit. It is becoming more common nowadays and the modern era recognizes this non-typical family arrangement and blended families serve as one example for the following child.

One eager 8-year-old girl named Alessandra wanted desperately to make her relationship with her stepfather “official” and she knew exactly how to do it.

The girl’s mother, Angela, was taken aback by her enthusiasm and insistence but supported her nonetheless. They thought of ways to surprise her stepdad, Leonardo, in hopes that he shares the same sentiment.

They decided to surprise him in a big way and set the scene in Shelby County baseball field. Leonardo was ushered onto the field and asked to cover his eyes with a baseball glove.

She walked toward the home base and there, standing tall in the middle of the field holding a handwritten cardboard sign which said “Papi, you are my forever home. Will you adopt me?”, asked Alessandra. 

The look of surprise and joy on his face after seeing this was just what the little girl had expected. Leonardo burst into tears and answered her adoption proposal with a resounding yes!  

He could not wait to share the news and took to Facebook to do so. He wrote a heartfelt post saying “A little over 7 years, I was introduced to this lovely little girl … I wanted prove to so many people, including myself, that I can be a good father. There was no book on ‘How to be a great step dad’ that I could have picked up and read, so I focused on just being a great dad.”

Posted by Leonardo Angela on Friday, January 16, 2015

Leonardo was not at all pressured into doing this. He recalled, “I did my very best to build our foundation on the word of God … I wanted this sweet angel to have a wonderful life, a stable home, food on the table, and God in her heart.”

Posted by Leonardo Angela on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Although Angela was skeptical at first saying that this was a “big girl’s decision to make”, she was proud of her daughter for what she chose to do. The beaming stepdad mentioned that he was proud to know he had made such an impact on her life that Alessandra wants his last name to make the adoption official.

It's his day today!! Congrats again to my gorgeous husband!

Posted by Leonardo Angela on Monday, October 2, 2017

Leonardo and Angela had gotten married back in 2012 and was present in Alessandra’s life for as long as she can remember. In the couple’s joint Facebook account, they wrote “All of our prayers have been answered and we couldn’t be happier at this moment. Thank so much to all of you who have supported us through this journey.”

Posted by Leonardo Angela on Saturday, November 11, 2017

Watch the touching proposal in the video below:

Shelby county adoption proposal

GRAB THE TISSUES: An 8 year old Shelby county girl asked her, then, step-dad, to officially adopt her. The way she asked is still leaving me teary eyed.

Posted by Hillary Simon CBS42 on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Credit: The Epoch Times


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