“We are not budging” Mischievous deers found blocking restaurant’s entrance until owner fulfills their needs


Famous for its interesting culture, Japan is one of the favorite tourist destinations around the world. Besides the breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossoms, Japan is also well-known for its free-roaming deer parks. 

It’s nice and all to have deers walking freely around you but a Twitter user recently shared that this group of deer was quite mischievous. In the captured photo, a group of deer was seen having quite a scene with a man in front of a casual dining restaurant called Fukuya.

“Let us in, human!”

Credit: Twitter/nahairo

Believed to be the owner of the place, the man was not moving from the glass door, but so are the deers! Looking at how ‘intense’ the deers’ gazes are, many people nicknamed them as the yakuza deers which means gangster after translation.

“We’re not budging.”

Credit: Twitter/dokutorugama

“Let’s agree that you can come out when I can get in.”

Credit: Twitter/k9181622

Apparently, that was not the only time the deer was trying to get on the nerves of the owner as some visitors have evidence of the four-legged trying to get into the restaurant.

“I’m just curious what kind of food they have inside.”

Credit: Twitter/nonsugarmilktea

As some people might be wondering why the deer really wanted to enter the restaurant, it turned out that the owner was quite fond of them and occasionally fed and pet the deer.

The deer looked calm when the restaurant owner pets him.

Credit: Twitter/TeamABC30904721

Not sure if the owner is petting the deer or trying to stop him in this one.

Credit: Twitter/meetminamida

They’re probably trying to set some rules between them.

Credit: Twitter/minorin0506030

People also shared a picture of the owner with the deer that was taken five years ago. Looking at how the owner’s hair is all healthy and black, some people are joking that he must be aging fast now thanks to the mischievous deer.

The owner and the deer five years ago.

Credit: Twitter/tsumakichan

Hopefully, they got to resolve all things between them.

Check out the video of the deer attempting to get in below:

Credit: Twitter/@nahairo


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