Man respectfully buried 16,000 aborted babies and rescues hundreds to his orphanage


People often did not give enough attention and proper funeral to aborted babies. But this man in Vietnam called Tong Phuoc Phuc dedicated his life to give a proper send-off to aborted babies. He has respectfully buried more than 16,000 babies and now decided to take action and save babies from being aborted.

It all started in 2001 when Tong and his pregnant wife went to the hospital. There he noticed many pregnant women went to the hospital but left without their children. Later he found out that the ladies had opted for abortion.

Heartbroken by the ugly reality that took place upon his eyes, Tong asked for all the bodies of aborted babies to give them a proper burial.

Credit: Facebook / Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

Tong, who is a former construction worker, used up his savings to buy a land atop a mountain in Hon Thom, located in Nha Trang of central Vietnam. He wanted a peaceful location to lay the babies to rest.

Tong retrieved corpses from hospital with help of charity volunteers and then gave those thousands of babies a proper burial.

“Over 12 years I built three cemeteries, containing some 16,000 graves,” said Tong in the documentary Tough Love.

Credit: Facebook / Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

After doing this for quite some time, Tong was thinking that he should not just accept the babies being aborted but instead try to save them and give them another chance at life. If a pregnant lady didn’t want her baby, Tong will offer to raise the babies himself. As many of the ladies are young women, Tong first persuaded and advised the ladies not to make decisions that they will regret later on.

Tong opened an orphanage in Nha Trang City and emphasized that he only wanted to take care of the babies. He managed to save hundreds form abortion and raised them all in his orphanage.

He raised them all like his own and stated that if one day the parent wanted their baby back, they only need to say the word.

Credit: Facebook / Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

Tong’s operation is not a registered orphanage, which means he can’t put any of the children up for adoption. Even if he could, he shakes his head as his only goal is to unite the children with their mothers.

Credit: Facebook / Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage


Currently, Tong raises 20 children in his Nha Trang home just like his own and 50 more babies are being raised in his second home in Cam Ranh with the assistance provided by a local church.

“I’m getting more and more help. Some people help me with actions, others bring things, rice and salt, for example. Others give money for educating and sheltering the children, to allow me to continue my work. I put my heart and soul into this,” said Tong.

Tong is now a father to hundreds of children.

Hành trình đến thăm ba Phúc không chỉ cưu mang những đứa trẻ bị bỏ rơi mà con xây những ngôi mộ chôn cất cho những thai…

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Thanks to Tong’s good heart and care, many children are alive and healthy today.

Watch his amazing story in this documentary:

Credit: The Epoch Times


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