Amazing moment of mare goes into labor and herd surrounds to protect the baby horse


You might have ridden a horse before, but have you ever seen one gives birth to its foal? Scott and Sarah have more than 50 horses on their beautiful ranch in Spain. As all of the horses live in a natural herd environment and they are free to roam the beautiful pastures.

With a newly bought camera, owners, Sarah and Scott decided to make full use of it. What else would be better than the video of their gorgeous horses giving birth? The video captures the miracle of birth and the miraculous first moment of life.

When the pregnant Azteca mare gives birth to her foal, her sac membrane plops onto the grass. 

Credit: Facebook

Other mares start to gather around the mother horse after her sac membrane falls to the ground.

Credit: Facebook

The mare was trying to get her foal out of the sac membrane.

Credit: Facebook

The baby horse in a sac membrane.

Credit: Facebook

Other mares help the mother horse to protect her baby and keep the nosy stallion away.

Just right after the mother horse removed the sac membrane from her foal, the mares stop the circling motion around her.

Credit: Facebook

Not long after, we can see how the foal is able to stand up on its wobbly legs and take the first step! It’s incredible to see how other mares help to guard the baby just to make sure the mother horse have a safe delivery.

The foal’s first step ever!

Credit: Facebook

Have you ever seen a mare give birth to a foal? Watch the beautiful mare gives birth in this video below


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