Creative dad trains pet dog to help daughter focus on homework instead of using phone


Phone addiction is a serious problem faced by many, including this girl from south-west China. The girl has a very hard time getting apart from her phone even when finishing school work and assignments.

Realizing how serious the issue was, her father Xu comes up with a creative way to stop his daughter from being distracted while doing her homework. He did what most fathers didn’t do—trains his pet dog to supervise his daughter while she writes her homework at their home in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

With the dog’s supervision, he hopes that his daughter can focus on getting her work done instead of getting distracted by the phone.

Credit: Pear video

In the adorable footage, the cream-colored pooch standing behind its legs, hovering strictly over the girl as she completes her work on a small table.

Credit: Pear video

Xu told a news site that his daughter would always procrastinate and struggled to focus. When the dog joined the family as a puppy in December 2016, the father started to train the pooch ever since.

“It’s very well-behaved. I have been training it since it was young and now it does whatever I tell it to do,” told Xu.

Credit: Pear video

“I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does her homework. It would then guard her and make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone,” said Xu.

Looking at how intense the dog has been guarding the girl, a lot of people are amused by its strict demeanor and praising it for doing such a proper job in supervising.

Hopefully, the girl can finish her homework faster now!

Watch the cute video here:

Credit: Daily Mail UK


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