Delivery man grumbled “You work nearby and you still want me to deliver!?” Later, the construction worker’s explanation made him feel guilty


A netizen called ‘Dcard’ shared an incident that he witnessed a few days ago. It taught him a valuable lesson. He was working at a fast food outlet and his main responsibility was a delivery man.

One day, Dcard had to deliver an order to a construction site. When he saw the address on the delivery order, he noticed that it was the construction site just opposite his fast food restaurant.

When he was delivering the order, he noticed the customer who ordered the food was a construction worker, probably in his 40s or 50s.

Dcard grumbled: “Are you a disabled person? So close and yet, you still want me to deliver?!”

His grumbles were heard by the worker who ordered the food and this was his explanation…

The construction worker said: “Thank you for delivering my food. It’s walking distance yet I still have to call for a delivery. I am a construction worker and my clothes are very dirty. I did not dare to enter your restaurant so I have to call for a delivery order.”

After hearing these words, Dcard’s eyes were filled with guilt. The anger which was building up inside his heart suddenly went away. He felt guilty with his bad thoughts just now.

Dcard quickly replied: “No, don’t need to feel sorry at all. The people who are really dirty are those who look down at you!” After the construction worker heard those words, the construction worker thanked him and left.

After this incident, Dcard reflected on his previous thoughts and biased judgment about the construction worker: “I think it is very bad of us to judge a person by their appearances since we do not know how they live their lives. We are only looking at their appearances but we do not know their backgrounds. Therefore, I think we should respect everyone who works hard in their respective industry.”

Other netizens who saw this post shared their thoughts:

“I have a relative who works in the building industry and they would always be extremely tired when they return home.”

“The dirtiest part would be a human’s heart!”

“The construction worker’s words are really heartbreaking. Our society must have more kindness and compassion towards them.”

Have you ever encountered such incidents? Share us your thoughts and experience in the comments down below!


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