Girl cries when she doesn’t have enough to buy flowers. Seeing this, man buys for her but was surprised where she leads him to


Parents are the most important people in our lives and we would do everything to make them happy. However, a girl was extremely dejected that she’s unable to buy something special to her mother—she ended up crying.

One day, a gentleman stopped by the flower shop wanting to order flowers and planning to ask staff to send them to his mother who was far away from home. When he was about to enter the flower shop, he saw a girl sitting and crying near the road.

The man saw a little girl crying.

Photo illustration of a girl crying | Credit: Max Pixel

Being the gentleman that he is, the guy approached the little girl and asked her for the reason she’s crying.

“Little girl, why are sitting here crying?” said the man to the girl.

“I want to buy a rose for my mother, but I don’t have enough money,” replied the child.

Listening to her story, the gentleman took the girl’s hand and brought her into the flower shop. He first ordered the flower bouquet to his mother and bought a rose for the little girl. When she walked out the door, the gentleman proposed to drive her home.

The little girl agreed and requested that the gentleman take her to her mother.

After driving for quite some time, the man didn’t expect to drive past the city and arrive at a cemetery.

When they arrived, the girl put the beautiful rose flower next to a new grave. It turned out that her mother just passed away a few months ago.

Photo illustration (Credit: Pxhere)

The gentleman later sent the girl home and returned to the flower shop. The man canceled the bouquet that he ordered and bought another large bouquet of flowers. Right after, he took the bouquet and went straight to his mother’s home which was five hours away.

He bought a new bouquet from the flower and wanted to give it to his mother personally.

Photo illustration of flower shop. | Credit: Max Pixel

He wanted to personally hand the bouquet to his mother before it’s too late.


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