Known as ‘the tree that hits the moon’, 800 years old fir trees with unbelievable height recorded in a breathtaking video


Mother nature never ceases to surprise us and the existence of this tree just adds to that. Taiwanese fir tree reportedly existed on earth for more than 100 million years ago and claimed to be one of the tallest tree species in East Asia. 

According to Taiwan’s aboriginals, the Rukai community, the tree was also called as ‘tree that hits the moon’ due to its incredible height. In May 2017, the Australian giant tree record team called The Tree Project came to Qilan Mountain area of Yilan County to film the three neighboring Taiwanese fir trees.

These three extremely tall trees stick together, hence being called Three Sisters.

Credit: Facebook/Herbert Hsu

The photographer recorded each height of the tree and combined it into a complete body photo—and it was shocking! The Three Sisters tree was said to be discovered after the ‘September 21’ earthquake in 1999.

During that time, the staff entered the 170-line forest road due to the collapse of the 100-line forest road in Qilan Mountain and found these huge Taiwanese trees. Each tree are 70, 60, and 50 meters high!

According to the botanists, the age of the tree has possibly reached 800 years!

Credit: Facebook/The Tree Project

The assistant researcher of the Forestry Laboratory of the Agricultural Committee, Xu Jiajun first witnessed the beauty of the Three Sisters in 2014. He later met Australian ecologist Jennifer Sanger and her photographer husband, Steve Pearce at a seminar in London and invited them to film the tree.

The ecologist Jennifer Sanger and her photographer husband, Steve Pearce.

Credit: Facebook/The Tree Project

He invited the couple to film the tree so that the rest of the world can see this amazing diverse ecology of Taiwan.

Credit: Facebook/The Tree Project

That was the start of The Tree Projects. Along with a team of professionals, they climbed the top of the Taiwanese fir to capture the height of each tree. The team took a total of 1,200 photos and selected the best 43 out of it. After working for 10 hours a day for three weeks, they finally managed to complete the portrait of the giant tree.

The tree literally reached the sky!

Credit: Facebook/The Tree Project

One of the team members at the top of the giant tree.

Credit: Facebook/The Tree Project

Amazed by the beauty of Taiwan forest, Pearce believed that the three trees are separated individuals but they turned into supernatural being when combined together.

The tree definitely looked incredible!

Watch the video of the tree here:


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