Doctor who started the trend of writing names on scrub caps has improved safety in hospitals around the world


Wearing a scrub cap with your names on seemed like a joke, but this doctor has created a trend that might influence the matters of life and death.

When Australian anesthetist Dr. Rob Hackett decided to wear a scrub with his name on it, his colleagues didn’t take him seriously and jokingly asked if he can’t even remember his own name. A year later, the jokes are on his friends as Dr. Hackett has the last laugh when it actually turned into a trend across the globe.

This is how Dr. Hackett wears his name.

It has been adopted around the world with studies from the US and UK demonstrating how this simple idea can decrease human errors in healthcare,” Dr. Hackett told Bored Panda.

More and more medical staffs follow the trend.

“The #TheatreCapChallenge is an initiative from the PatientSafe Network in response to concerns about how easily avoidable mistakes and poor communication are contributing to rising adverse events for our patients.

Showing support to the #TheatreCapChallenge, medical staffs argue that having names on them can actually save vital seconds in life and death situations. It was claimed to reduce delays and misidentifications that occur when clinicians can’t recognize or can’t remember the names of their colleagues in the operating theatre.

It helps differentiate people easily.

“I went to a cardiac arrest in a theatre where there were about 20 people in the room. I struggled to even ask to be passed some gloves because the person I was pointing to thought I was pointing to the person behind them,” told Dr. Hackett.

“It’s so much easier to coordinate when you know everyone’s names. It’s great for camaraderie and it’s great for patients as well. It’s been great interacting with a networked team of passionate individuals from all over the world,” Dr. Hackett added.

It makes everything so much easier this way.

“They’re constantly generating data. UK studies have shown increased name recall amongst staff from 42 to 85%, increased name and role introductions during the surgical safety checklist from 38 to 90%. Simulation studies at Stanford University in the US demonstrated greatly increased communication and theatre efficiency.”

We’re here to support the #TheatreCapChallenge too!

Besides making it easier for the medical staffs to work in operating theatre, the trend also helps the patients at the hospital as they benefit from the reassurance of knowing the names and positions of every staff member around them. It will be easier for them to ask for help and acquire assistance.

Keep it coming!

Such a useful and beneficial trend!

Credit: Bored Panda


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