One in 200 million! Young mother gave birth to naturally conceived identical triplets and they’re too cute to handle


Becki-Jo Allen is a mother to a beautiful daughter, Indiana living in Liverpool, England. A few years later, Allen was pregnant again. When Allen was told that she was expecting triplets, the mother-to-be was both shocked and excited.

Allen finally gave birth to three adorable babies that she named as Roman, Rocco and Rohan, but they had to spend six weeks in intensive care due to premature birth. After the birth of her babies, Allen was often told by other mums about how similar her babies looked like. So she sent off samples of DNA to be tested.

Because of premature birth, the triplets babies were very small. The youngest Rocco weighed only 1.49 kilograms (3.28 lbs).

The triplets with their sister, Indiana.

It turned out that her triplets being identical is against the odds of up to an incredible one to 200 million! As her babies looked exactly the same as one another, luckily this young mother has no problem telling them apart.

They looked exactly the same!

Nobody can really tell them apart except for their mother, Allen.

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

“When they were newborns, it was quite hard to tell which one was which. But I never got them mixed up myself. They’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman slightly darker than others. And Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well,” explained Allen.

Allen uses each of their birthmarks to identify her triplets.

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

Even their expressions are the same too!

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

“When they were in the hospital, the doctors said that they were non-identical. So I was always convinced that they were not because that’s what they told me during pregnancy. But since they came home, lots of people have said they can’t tell them apart.”

The doctor said that they were non-identical, but nobody can tell them apart.

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

Wearing the same thing makes it even harder to differentiate these adorable triplets.

According to the Multiple Births Foundation, the only way to certainly establish whether twins or triplets are identical is usually through DNA testing—known as zygosity determination. After the triplets cheek swabs were analyzed at the laboratory, the result showed that they are indeed genetically identical!

The DNA test proves that they really are identical, genetically!

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

Too cute to handle!

Credit: Instagram/Becki Jo Allen

This makes the triplets the youngest of naturally conceived sets of identical triplets in the UK.


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