This little boy has been crocheting since 5 and now fans call him a crocheting prodigy!


Who says only grandmas enjoy crocheting and knitting? This incredibly talented 11-year-old, Jonah Larson, has made a name for himself with his insane crochet skills, earning himself 142k followers on Instagram, a book deal and he’s even started his own business!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

Jonah, who is from Ethiopia and was adopted by an amazing family, picked up the hobby when he was just five-years-old, and he’s been in love ever since!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

The boy, who has been called a crocheting prodigy, honed his skills with YouTube tutorials.

Now, he can make pretty much everything, from mermaid blankets and stuffed animals to clothing and even doggy warmers!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

His mom Jennifer noticed how talented Jonah is, so helped him to create his own business for his homemade goods—Jonah’s Hands—which has a huge following online.

It was so successful that his mom even had to turn down orders as Jonah couldn’t manage them all—he was just a 6th grader after all!

Still, he loves doing what he does and says that crocheting makes him feel happy and relaxed.

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

Jonah has fans all around the world who ask him to teach them how to crochet and send him fan mails.

He crochets cute scarves for his mom!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

And can even make giant cosy mermaid blankets—we want one!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

Check out these adorable baby boots! They look so soft.

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

The perfect gift for a little kid!

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

Just gorgeous—this blanket is so detailed and intricate.

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

When his mom challenged him to make a Christmas centerpiece, Jonah made this impressive doily on his first attempt.

Credit: Instagram/ @jonahhands

Now, the talented 11-year-old is writing a book about crocheting, called Hello, Crochet Friends.

He just keeps proving to everyone that he is super intelligent. His IQ is so high that he even skipped a grade!

Credit: Go Fund Me

A little boy with big dreams—Jonah has even bigger dreams besides making adorable crochet creatures. He hopes to become a surgeon in the future.

Jonah has a huge heart and is using his talents to raise money to give back to his homeland Ethiopia—check out his fundraising campaign, which aims to help Ethiopian kids achieve their dreams.

Jonah has a bright future ahead of him, that’s for sure! Check out his marvelous creations on his Instagram page here.

Credit: Bored Panda


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