A cancer-survivor himself, man’s dream to become a doctor comes true at the age of 30


Albien Emmanuel Gacias is a 30-year-old cancer survivor from Manila, Philippines. Diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 20 in 2008, Gacias’ Facebook post caught the attention of people after he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a doctor’s white gown after passing the board exam recently.

Gacias was extremely worried when he learned that he was diagnosed with cancer. His mother died due to pancreatic cancer in 2006. He is the eldest in the family and takes care of his 4 siblings while his father works abroad.

With the help of his relatives, Gacias underwent chemotherapy. When he visited the hospital, he recalled the words of many patients who decided to leave it up to fate because they no longer have sufficient funds for treatment.

Gacias shared his story on Facebook.

Credit: Facebook / Albien Emmanuel Gacias

He felt bad for them because they wanted to live but have no means for treatment. It was until the moment he lost his own mother to cancer, Gacias started dreaming of becoming a physician. It was a challenge every day being a medical student, so Gacias always put in his mind that all this hard work will pay off someday.

“All of your sacrifices in medical school will be worth it, especially when you see that you are helping your future patients.”

Credit: Facebook / Albien Emmanuel Gacias

During his interview with Rappler, Gacias gave a piece of short advice to other fellow cancer survivors too:

“Whatever it is you’re going through, just keep going. If ever you feel sad, you can cry. If you feel tired, just pause and rest. Do not surrender and just keep going. Let us trust in God’s plan for us.”

Credit: Facebook / Albien Emmanuel Gacias

Congratulations on becoming a doctor and cancer-free!

Credit: Rappler


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