Dad redesigns home and lives without AC, heater and modern gadgets for more than 10 years


A man named Wu Wei from Beijing, China decided to buy a house and rebuild it with a modern yet very simple design. He wanted his home design to give a sense of warmth, calmness and joy to all his family members.

Even though the size of his house is considered spacious, it was decorated with basic necessities only and without excessive furniture and modern gadgets. Let’s take a look at the concepts of his design.

#1. His design mainly focuses on the relationship between fellow family members.

# 2. Simple living room decoration.

# 3. This house has been built since a decade ago.

# 4. It has no air conditioning, television, phone or other modern gadgets.

# 5. The family life of four is to be envied by all because they never get bored.

# 6. Starting from 6 in the morning, the family starts to exercise together.

# 8. After lunch, parents would read a book while enjoying tea. The son will play while the daughter learns to knit. Sometimes neighbors and friends will bring along their children to read books in their reading room.

# 9. This is the artcraft handmade by Wu’s daughter.

# 10. They prefer to communicate and interact without using any gadgets.

# 11. Family activities bond them together, bringing more fun and happiness.

# 12. Without gadgets, he nurtures children’s creativity by setting up a doodle board.

# 13. The son will always draw on the board, unleashing his vast imagination, and it has also become a unique landscape portrait in the family living room.

# 14. Wu specially made a hole in the board to allow his children to have easy access and to store the chalk at the same time.

# 15. He also said, “To build or create a finished artwork from scratch, no matter if the item is hand-woven, a drawing or graffiti, it could gently wake up a child’s creativity and slowly open up the inner strengths.”

# 16. To make it even more interesting at home, he made a sky glass on the roof of the house. On sunny days, the sun shines into the house. When it rains, raindrops would splatter on the glass. A quiet room becomes lively in an instant.

# 17. He also purposely designed his house to be dynamic and made playroom with ladder and rope for his children to play as well.

# 18. Although there is a television set in the reading room, it is rarely opened and used.

# 19. Wu also carefully designed a kitchen that can ease his wife’s workload. He made it spacious and adds a window to give it a brighter look.

# 20. The U-shaped bench layout was cleverly designed to accommodate the cooking workflow in an orderly manner. From preparation to cooking, the workflow starts from the left. Food taken out from the refrigerator will be washed at the leftmost basin then moving on to the cutting section, cooking and plating. This kitchen is the dream kitchen of any housewives.

# 21. Next to the kitchen is the dining area where a long table is fitted for everyone to have their meals.

# 22. “When you design your own home, always remind yourself to be moderate.”

# 23. To feel the changes from summer to winter, is a very valuable thing. When Wu was young, he only had a fan and cotton wear and that was all it takes to go through the four seasons. He hopes that his children will also feel the changes of the four seasons.

He smiled and said, “We, as parents are the best teachers for our children. If they see that we can bear the heat, the children will naturally accept it.”

# 24. All we need is air circulation. To achieve this, we will need to leave the door and windows open and with the help of an electric fan, air circulation in the room is achieved. Hot summer days become bearable with this method.

# 25. Looking around the house, the interior decoration is very simple and not excessive.

# 26. As long as the family stays together, the time spent together is the most precious memory of all.

The lesser our desires are, the lesser troubles will arise.

A peaceful home means a happy family.


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