Mother of 3 accurately predicted her 37 seconds death experience and lives to tell it


Coming back from the dead sounds like a made-up story but this woman Stephanie Arnold did experience it for 37 seconds! The woman forwarned her doctors on how to save her weeks before she dies—thanks to a supernormal premonition.

Stephanie is a mother of three and married to Jonathan Arnold. Back in 2012 when the family was looking forward to their second child, Stephanie’s joyful anticipation at 20 weeks pregnancy became shadowed when she saw in a vivid dream that she had died after giving birth.

The mother of three was no longer excited but worried.

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Posted by Stephanie Arnold on Sunday, June 17, 2018

“Whenever someone asked how my pregnancy was going, I would blurt out that I’m going to die. I wrote goodbye letters, I sent them out, and I waited for D-Day—my delivery and the death day to arrive,” told Stephanie to MindBodyGreen.

Believed that her vision was a sign from heaven to help her prepare for it, she confided her premonitions with the medical staff at 32 weeks of pregnancy. So she was suggested to consult the anesthesiologist.

“Not only am I going to die, but I’m also going to need a hysterectomy.”

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Posted by Stephanie Arnold on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

“I’m going to hemorrhage, these organs are going to combine, I’m going to be put under general anesthesia. The baby’s going to be fine and I’m going to be dead on the operating table,” she said at the Megyn Kelly TODAY’s show.

However, the anesthesiologist—just like her husband, thought that she was suffering from anxiety. The anesthesiologist still flagged Stephanie’s file after a phone call and incorporated extra blood and a crash cart in the operating room, just in case.

On the day Stephanie gave birth by C-section, she suddenly flatlined. 

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She suffered an allergic reaction to the amniotic fluid entering the bloodstream, causing a condition called amniotic embolism. The condition is rare, with an occurrence of 1 in 40,000 and the outcomes are fatal. In addition to that, she suffered cardiac arrest and kidney failure too.

Stephanie underwent an emergency hysterectomy and was given blood transfusions but nothing helps—she died. In the 37 seconds moments of her death, she said that the spirit of a boy approached her—it was the late brother of her best friend. He died at the age of 7.

“He said to me, ‘tell my sister that I miss the way she twirled my hair’. And I’m like, ‘okay’,” Stephanie relayed to Megyn Kelly.

Posted by Stephanie Arnold on Monday, April 16, 2018

After being resuscitated, Stephanie called her best friend and passed her the message from her late brother. Her friend was shocked and broke into tears as she asked how did Stephanie know about this thing that she used to do to her brother to put him to sleep.

Stephanie told that she accurately identify all the medical staff in the same room as her dead body and able to hear, see and recall everything that happened in the room during her death.

“I saw who hit the button for the code. I saw my anesthesiologist had my feet. I saw the nurse that jumped on my chest. I saw what happened with the other child in the delivery room. My husband wasn’t present in the delivery room but I saw what he was wearing when he got off of the plane.”

Dr. Nicole Higgins, who worked on Stephanie that day said that she described everything accurately.

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Posted by Stephanie Arnold on Monday, April 23, 2018

“She also had described there was a malfunction of our defibrillator machine, which necessitated that we had to take that one out and bring a new one in. She described that accurately.”

After coming back from the dead, Stephanie has gone to become a motivational speaker and claims that she will continue to have premonitions about things. She also wrote the book entitled 37 Seconds and describes her out-of-body experience in details there.

Stephanie with her book, 37 Seconds.

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What a surreal experience!

Credit: The Epoch Times


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