Teen was missing from group chat because her phone was broken, teammates surprised her with a new one


A group of high schoolers in Toledo, Ohio has just proved how amazing friendship can be. When they realized that one of their friends wasn’t participating in the team’s group chat on the phone, these friends went above and beyond to let her know they care. 

The members of softball team from Waite High School are all part of a team’s phone group chat. But recently they noticed how one of their teammates was not sending any messages. It turned out that her phone was broken and she couldn’t afford a replacement.

Learning about this, her teammates took it upon themselves to fix this situation. They have all decided to pitch in and surprise their friend with a new phone.

One of the girl’s teammates handed her the surprise gift.

Credit: Facebook/Waite Lady Indians Softball

Not only that, but they also covered the activation fee and paid for service for the rest of the school year for her!

As the coach recorded the sweet moment one of the players handed the girl a purple gift bag and encouraged her to open it, the girl can be seen stunned by the surprise.

“Are you kidding me?” asked the girl while grinning happily.

Credit: Facebook/Waite Lady Indians Softball

The girl stood and smiled for a few moments after receiving the gift, probably still in disbelief and digesting what’s happening in front of her.

After uploading the sweet video to Facebook, the coach adds on how heartwarming moment like this is the reason she loves teaching high schoolers.

The girl clearly stunned by the surprise.

Credit: Facebook/Waite Lady Indians Softball

“This is why I roll my eyes when people questions why I love teaching & coaching high schoolers. Those people don’t realize how amazing kids can be,” said the coach.

This group of sweet friends and amazing teammates hugs each other after the surprise.

Credit: Facebook/Waite Lady Indians Softball

Such an amazing friendship! Hopefully, the girl won’t miss out the group chat anymore!

Credit: InspireMore | Facebook


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