Elderly man’s response after receiving free food touched the delivery man’s heart


Recently, a delivery man called Nur Mamat in Singapore shared on Facebook how a food order cancellation from a customer led him to a heartwarming experience.

One day, Nur received an order but his customer accidentally keyed-in the wrong address when she was ordering the food. It turned out that her address was 15km away from Nur’s current location.

The customer ordered from McDonald’s.

Credit: Facebook / Nur Mamat

Since the customer address was too far away from Nur Mamat’s location, he was instructed to cancel the order and his trip. The paper bag was full of food from McDonald’s, and had to be disposed of.

However, Nur did not want to waste the food, so he tried to look for someone who might need it and saw an old man amidst a pile of trash bags.

Without hesitation, he decided to give all the food to the 76-year-old man.

Credit: Facebook / Nur Mamat

After giving the food to the old man, Nur Mamat was touched by his reply and happily watched him eat after that.

“So many good food. I don’t dare to buy this expensive food,” said the old man.

Credit: Facebook / Nur Mamat

“The uncle was so happy. The words he said touched my heart deep inside and looking at him happily eating just make my day,” said Nur.

After learning about Nur’s story, a lot of people praised the delivery man for his kind gesture and heartwarming act.

Credit: Facebook / Nur Mamat

May God bless this kind soul!

Credit: SAYS


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