Frozen lemon and its amazing health benefits—so simple and easy to add to your daily meals


We usually use lemons just for lemonade or cooking, but did you know that frozen lemons have amazing health benefits which works 1000 times better than chemotherapy?

As a recent study found out that frozen lemon can actually prevent breast cancer, more people believed that this fruit should be eaten not only for the delicious taste but also for its healing properties.

Other than packed with Vitamin C, frozen lemon has more benefits than we can imagine.

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According to the study, lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice itself—helping to flush out toxins from our body. The doctor estimated that this method works 10,000 times better than traditional chemotherapy.

We can also make it stronger by adding baking soda to it.

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These are amazing health benefits from lemons that you might not be aware of:

1. Help to cleanse the kidney and liver.

2. Prevent asthma symptoms.

3. Improve your immune system.

4. Effectively solve bacteria-related problems.

5. Prevent and treat stress and depression.

6. Reduce the risk of having stroke.

7. Provides exceptional help to treat inflammation.

8. Controls blood pressure.

9. Reduces cancer cells in the body.

Frozen lemon in cubes.

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Looking at how many benefits that lemon possesses, it is almost obligatory to share how to make frozen lemons so that all of us can benefit from it.

Steps to make frozen lemon:

1. Buy fresh lemon and wash it using baking soda or apple cider vinegar.
2. Rinse the lemon with water and dry with a towel.
3. Place the lemon in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight.
4. Once the lemon is frozen, grate it. You can add it to your diet and can also use it to be sprinkled on salads, soups, cereals, noodles and spaghetti sauce.
5. You can also enjoy frozen lemon by placing the frozen lemon grate in container and make ice out of it. Store the frozen lemon grate in the refrigerator and use it whenever you want—add it to tea water, smoothie, or ice cream.
6. You can also cut the lemon on a smaller size and put it in a zippered plastic bag before placing it in the refrigerator.

Grated frozen lemon can be used in salads, soups, spaghetti and more.

Credit: Yes Vegetarian

We can also add them to smoothies or ice-creams.

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You can also use the frozen lemon for smoother and cleaner face skin as it can treat acne.

There are so many benefits to frozen lemons. Can’t wait to try them all!


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