Kindergarten pupil was teased for her short hair, teacher decides to teach them a life lesson


Teacher’s responsibilities are more than just teaching and making school fun for the children. As students spend most of their time in school, it is crucial for teachers to convey knowledge, teach them good manners and set examples that they can follow.

Shannon Grimm is a kindergarten teacher in Willis, Texas. Besides teaching, Grimm has to deal with bullying that happens in her kindergarten. What she did to handle it was admired by many.

When one of Grimm’s students, Prisilla Perez was bullied because of her short hair, teacher Grimm steps in to help.

Credit: Facebook/Willis Independent School District

Perez had always been cheerful and happy since the start of the school and loves to mingle with her classmates. However, Grimm noticed that Perez recently turning quiet and found out she was bullied for her haircut.

She decided to cut her hair and had the same haircut just like Perez.

Credit: Facebook/Willis Independent School District

After learning about it, Teacher Grimm not only taught her class that bullying is not a good thing but also cut her hair to match Perez’s haircut. Grimm explained to the class that we should always accept everyone despite their differences.

What’s even more touching was that the kindergarten teacher gave hairbands and bows to Perez so that that they can wear matching headpieces to school.

Teacher Grimm also nominated Perez as the ‘District Student of the Month’ for her bravery during a difficult time. And the cute little Perez won!

Credit: Facebook/Willis Independent School District

Such an amazing teacher. Say NO to bullying!

Kindergarten student Prisilla Perez was a happy little girl when the school year began. However, after getting her hair…

Posted by Willis Independent School District on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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