27yo mom who plays with phone until late night found dead in bed


We’ve seen a lot of cases where people suffer severe pain and become paralyzed for continuously playing with their phones, but this recent case has got to be the worst one.

A woman named Dong in Zhejiang, China was reportedly suddenly died in the middle of the night and was discovered with her phone still in her hand.

Her phone in her hand showed that she was last scrolling through online shopping websites.

Photo illustration (Credit: Pixabay)

The 27-year-old mother of two took care of her young children and responsible for putting them to bed every night. As she didn’t have enough time to play with her phone during the day, Dong would lie on her bed at around 1 AM to 2 AM to use her phone when her kids finally settled and eventually developed the habit of sleeping late.

After some time, this habit caused Dong to suffer from insomnia sometimes and she couldn’t sleep properly if she didn’t play with her phone first. She would often scroll through social media and look at online shopping sites till morning.

She can’t fall asleep properly if she didn’t play with her phone before sleeping.

Photo illustration of a woman playing with her phone.

One morning, Dong was at that time called for breakfast by her mother-in-law twice but she did not give any reaction. Feeling concerned, the mother-in-law went up to check on her and found Dong lying on her bed still holding her phone.

Dong’s mother-in-law wanted to nudge to wake her up but she was shocked to find out that her daughter-in-law felt cold and stiff. Dong was later declared dead and doctors believe that it could have been caused by excessive fatigue—led to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Her husband acknowledges that his wife used to playing with phone before sleeping.

Dong’s husband shared that his wife was totally fine the day before and even brought their kids out to play. But one thing for sure, her husband also shared that Dong often played with her phone until late at night before she finally slept.

Make sure to avoid playing with your phone before going to sleep and get enough rest!

Credit: World of Buzz


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