Couple tries to recreate photos from 52 years ago with incredible results—they still look as lovely!


There’s nothing better than looking at a photograph and remembering the moment it was taken. There’s a memory tied to every photograph and this couple decided to recreate pictures they took over half a century ago. 

In 2017 an elderly couple passed some photographs of them to a photographer asking him if he’s able to aid them in recreating the images. He was immediately on board with the idea!

After sharing the news along with the old photograph of the couple, an enthusiastic netizen named Mr. Chen sent him a message saying he owned the exact model of the motorbike in the picture and was willing to lend it to them to recreate the pictures.

The only problem left was that the elderly couple lived in Toronto, Canada and won’t be traveling back to Taipei where their old photo was taken for another two years. The situation was unavoidable so the project was put on hold till very recently.

They all gathered at Tianmu Park, Taiwan where the original photos were taken along with Mr. Chen and his motorbike. 

The photographer recalled that the whole process of recreating the old photos was actually very moving. Seeing how both the elderly couple and the landscape have aged through the past half a century.

This picture was taken on the couple’s 46th wedding anniversary, 52 years after the original was taken when they were still only dating. 

They met in 1965 when he was 17 and his wife was 16 years old. These pictures in the park were taken while they were on a date and they had asked passersby to take their photo. Little did they know that 52 years later they would be back in the same spot recreating the moment.

While they were at the park, they decided to pose and recreate a few more pictures of their younger selves. 

52 years of being with each other and still creating memories together!

Watch the process of recapturing their photos below:

2019.3.26 台北天母公園 重現美麗回憶

重現天母公園溜冰場旁的美麗回憶 1967 vs 2019兩年前(2017年8月),網友蕭家訓先生和蕭張敏華夫人伉儷從加拿大多倫多傳給我他們在台北市天母公園跨越半世紀的兩張合照(,我在專頁分享後,網友陳先生告訴我,他有一輛和50年前照片裡同款式的本田小狼(1965年生產的 Honda Super Cub C102),可以借他們拍照,不過那時候蕭先生伉儷已經在多倫多,要兩年後才會再回到台北。上週六深夜,陳先生告訴我,蕭先生伉儷人在台北了,而且他們已經聯絡好,將在週二 3月26日(因為氣象預報說這天的天氣會轉晴)到天母公園和老照片裡同款式的機車合影,我聽了很感動,並表示會前往天母公園幫他們拍照。3月26日中午,我依約來到天母公園,剛好在大門見到騎著車齡54歲本田小狼抵達的陳先生,於是,他牽著機車和我一起步向下方的溜冰場,到了溜冰場便看見蕭先生伉儷已經在大樹下等我們了。雖然這是我們大夥兒頭一回碰面,但感覺非常熟悉,就像是多年不見的好友似的。在一陣寒暄後,我們馬上進行拍攝作業,幸好天公作美,照片拍出來的效果很好,今昔對照於焉順利完成!老照片攝於1967年春。蕭先生說,他和老婆是在1965年認識,當時他17歲,老婆16歲,兩年後(1967年),他們騎車到天母公園約會,在溜冰場旁請路人幫忙拍了這張照片,六年後(1973年)他們結婚,下個月的今天(2019年4月26)就是46週年的結婚紀念日了。新照片由張哲生於2019年3月26日中午在同地拍攝。最後,感謝陳先生,也祝福蕭先生伉儷健康幸福,期待下一次的相逢!#執子之手與子偕老背景音樂:"Path to Follow" by Jingle Punks1967 vs 2019

Posted by 張哲生 on Wednesday, March 27, 2019


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